Pallet Slip Sheets / Anti Slip Sheets

Pallet Slip Sheets / Anti Slip Sheets

Our Slip Sheet is a multi laminated kraftliner sheet 100% Recyclable, made from rigorously selected raw materials which have a long fibre structure that helps make them tear and moisture resistant and can replace the standard wooden pallet for shipping goods.

They are made from laminated Kraftliner, which is a waterproof type of paper. This paper is then repeatedly layered and laminated until it creates the finished product. This repeated lamination of strong multi-ply Kraftliner boards makes our Slip Sheets extremely tear and moisture resistant.

Our Slip sheets are a key part of pallet-less technology, and are one of the best savings solutions for businesses that rely on transporting goods via containers and trucks, handling loads up to 1400kg.

Our Slip Sheets were the first to be introduced in Europe in the 1970's and continue to provide business with High Quality cost effective solutions for shipping products. 

Standard, anti-slip and PE coated qualities available


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