Pallet Top Covers & Liners

Pallet Top Covers & Liners

Pallet Top Sheets & Liners

Protect Your Pallets with Pallet Top Sheets

Cover your palletised loads with pallet top sheets and provide a base layer of protection against dust and moisture.

Pallet top sheets can be used in conjunction with stretch wrapping, providing twice the security. Our super material means our pallet sheets are amongst the lightest and most cost-effective currently available. Keep your packaging costs down while storing and shipping your products with confidence.

As well as providing high-performance top sheets, we also ship internationally, supplying companies throughout Europe with increased security for their pallets

Benefits of Polythene Pallet Covers & Liners
Plastic pallet covers provide the ultimate protection for your products. Strong and easy to apply, they keep your items securely stored on pallets, while ensuring that they’re safe from dirt, dust and moisture.

You’ll reduce costs, minimise your carbon footprint, and can ship to your distributors with confidence that your goods will arrive in the same condition as when they left your warehouse.

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